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    Check in here first!

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    Check in here first! Empty Check in here first!

    Post by Guy Westcott on Tue Jan 27, 2009 4:49 pm

    Okay, this is the Rookie Station. It's where new members come to introduce themselves and get help on a variety of topics. Basically, this forum is for the inexperienced to get better acquainted with the forum and it's members.

    Firstly, you can make a thread introducing yourself to your fellow members. Secondly, I'm going to introduce an apprentice system, and that will go here. If you're new and you don't really know what's going on, you can ask for an apprenticeship. Someone will then take you on as an apprentice and help you with forum-related activities, as well as being your ally in certain areas of the forum. Once you're more confident, you can stay on as an apprentice for a while longer or you can ask to leave the apprenticeship. Once you do, though, your former master will become your enemy everywhere, so make sure you're confident in your abilities before you leave.

    Note that apprenticeships are strictly optional : if you feel you're good to explore the forums on your own, then good for you! Go out there and knock some heads Very Happy

    Now for some basic forum rules. Threads have topics for a reason : try to stick to them. Spam and flaming gets deleted, and if it continues, you'll be getting PMs about your behavior. Posting "I agree" and such does not count as on topic.

    If you want to amend something you said in your post, do not post again until someone else replies. This is known as "double posting", and is not a good thing. Instead, in the lower right hand corner of your post, you'll see a button labeled "Edit". Click on this and change the contents of your previous post instead of double posting.

    Concerning large images : Please do not post massive images in threads. It makes scrolling really annoying. Now, get out there and have some fun! Get involved in the Xtreme Net Kommunity, and stay active!

    [Adapted from Mr Random's introduction post 2008]

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