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This site is closed until further notice. Possibly never to return, but if you were a fan, do get in touch with Guy if you want to help revive it one day.

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    Custom Kombat: How tos/Rules


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    Custom Kombat: How tos/Rules Empty Custom Kombat: How tos/Rules

    Post by Blizzaga Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:54 pm

    What is Custom Kombat?

    After the success of Nayru Kombat and ZU Kombat, I decided to try a "spinoff" game which involved the concept of my Kombat ideas, but a totally different game with different rules. That game became King of the Hill: Kombat Involved (the title poking fun at Halo: Combat Evolved : P). It was a king of the mountain game, but with the essence of Xtreme Kombat. That is, you could fight and the same basic concept applied.

    When I started working on Xtreme Kombat forums, I started to think of ways to make the community more rich and interactive, not to mention how to make Xtreme Kombat more fun. It was then that an awesome idea came to me: Wouldn't be great if members could customize their own Xtreme Kombat games for others to enjoy?

    As a result, Custom Kombat was born!

    Here, members are allowed to start their own Xtreme Kombat games. You can customize the way the rules and ways to play however way you want. There are, though, some rules that need to be followed.

    How to Play:

    Playing the game is very very simple. Simply type out what you want to do to someone, and it's done.

    Example 1: *Smashes Blizzaga over the head with an ironing board*

    Example 2: *Ties Blizzaga down to a chair and forces him to watch reruns of the Brady Bunch.*

    That's all there is to it! How you want to fight is all up to you!

    Note that you can role play any style you like, but using the asterisks (*) to signal an action is preferred.


    1. Regular forum rules apply. That means nothing super-gory or sexual, no flaming, trolling, etc.

    2. No one can die. In this way your game can be enjoyed for a long time.

    3. Unless you are setting up a game at the Kombat Center and only want specific things/people/etc, everyone is allowed to play your game.

    4. Members who play must mind the rules you lay down.

    5. No carbon-copying another person's game. If you are unsure of the circumstances, like the thread being inactive and you wish to restarted and tweak some thing around, please PM me for permission.

    6. If you wish to start a thread that requires members to give status sheets and the like, be sure to start a setup/sign up thread of the game in the Kombat Center before actually starting the game here at Custom Kombat.

    For instance, humulos started a CK called Super Smash Bros. Kombat. The rules required that everyone knew what kind of character you were using for the game, so he started a different thread where you post a bio sheet for the character you were using and what his/her move set was. The actual game takes place at CK while all the character info was archived in his sign up thread, which is located at the Kombat Center. In this way, the game can go on without the thread being clogged up with character info every time a new member joins. Convenient, eh?

    7. Xtreme Kombat is meant to be a light-style RP where you fight. If you want more advanced role playing, then Realm of Role Playing is your place.

    8. Have fun! Enjoy yourself! That's what this is all about! ^_^

    If you want to start a CK but want something in it that the rules are in the way of, please PM me and perhaps we can work something out.

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