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All about Khao

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Birthday :
Age :
Location :
A horribly unoriginal place.
Occupation :
I study Video Game Design.
Humor :
Humor? Should I define my sense of humor or something? I'd call my sense of humor stupid and pointless.
Profile Pic :
Profile - Khao No%20Image%20Uploaded
Species :
Home Planet :
Earth, or so I've been told.
Motto :
Too lazy to think of one.
Directive :
DirecTV! Hah! My old cable company!
Hobbies/Interests :
Playing video games, creating video games (Though I have yet to finish one, at least a "serious" one), playing Warhammer (been ages since my last match though), get outside of my house in really uncommon clothes or holding strange objects (my personal favorite is a pik-ish George Harrison costume as seen in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band holding a Zelda Hylian shield and a broken umbrella.), I enjoy role playing games, especially the ones made by the "White-Wolf" company, I collect stupid looking hats (but my horrible lack of money only lets me have about 4 at the moment.) And I enjoy browsing random forums on the internet.

I might be forgetting a lot of stuff, but I'll add them as I remember them AND I have enough will power to open my user CP again.
Favourite TV Show(s) :
Currently, the only thing I watch is The Big Bang Theory, but it's probably not my favorite show ever.
Favourite Film(s)/Movie(s) :
I'll just go by a default geek's choice and say the Star Wars saga.
Favourite Music :
The Beatles are the music I listen to the most, but I can enjoy most kind of music, with the most notable exceptions being those annoying Metal kind of songs that are just a guy destroying his vocal cords with insanely quick drums.
Most Admired :
I'll leave this empty... Wait, I already wrote something, what a shame...
Favourite Quotes :
AGH! So many great things I've listened/readed in my life time, I just can't remember them out of nothingness...
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