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    Post by Blizzaga on Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:33 pm

    You'll notice that some of the Moderator Guidelines are mixed in with the Members' Rights. This is because of their relation with each other.

    Members' Rights:

    1. Members are allowed to argue their case if they think a moderator deleted thier post(s) for no valid reason. Members will be allowed to do so in the Xtreme Kourtroom forum (see the Xtreme Justice System post). They will not be looked down upon for challenging the system.

    2. Moderators are not allowed to abuse their powers.

    XNKF Definition of Abuse of Powers: Using one's powers to the deliberate diservice of another member or members instead of using their powers for the good of the forum.

    3. Every member's opinion counts. This means that a moderator cannot use their status as weight for their argument.

    Example: A moderator cannot say, "I say that blue cars are the best, and since I'm a moderator, it is now doctrine that blue cars are the best and red cars are the worst."

    4. Moderators are servants of the forum as well as the governors (in a manner of speaking). Being a moderator is a duty, not a privelege, and is in no way a reason to inflate one's ego.

    5. If a member's post is deleted or edited in any way, that member has the right to know why that post was edited or deleted. This means that it is the moderator's obligation to inform the member, either in the thread or by PM, why such editings were made.

    6. Moderators do not have the right to close a topic and be a jerk about it.

    A. Having the last word and acting as if it were doctrine.

    E.g. "This thread is locked since the discussion isn't getting anywhere. By the way, chat boxes fail."

    7. It is the members' right, as well as their duty, to report moderators that are not behaving.

    8. Moderators Shall Not Exercise Favoritism.

    This means that moderators are moderators first and foremost. Their allegiance is to their office and duty. A member shall not be treated differently because of the clan/group/etc. that he or she is in. A moderator cannot favor a member over another in judgment because of the group or clan that member is in. The moderator also cannot disfavor a member because of the group or clan that member is in. (Guy Westcott's Edit: Or for any other such reason.)

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