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    Depression and Suicide


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    Depression and Suicide Empty Depression and Suicide

    Post by Exarius on Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:16 am

    This is a rather Serious topic for me, seeing how I have been going through depression for years (just ask Mr.Random) and some recent events triggered feeling that I had swept neatly under the rug, causing me to do some pretty bad stuff to myself and my friends. I am on Medications for several different things.

    What do you believe causes people to be depressed and attempt suicide?

    Do you think that medication and/or therapy is the best treatment?

    Being said again, I have done some pretty bad stuff to myself, resulting in a few hidden scars... I am not even sure why I do it, it just... makes me feel better I guess... I just get so angry, and the violence against myself feels like a release.

    I am a Mod, yet unsure if this is serious enough for SD or not. I feel as it is though.

    Also, remember, that this is not just about me, but all people out there going through similar stuff.

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    Depression and Suicide Empty Re: Depression and Suicide

    Post by MrRandom on Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:33 am

    Of course mental illness goes in serious discussion, dude.

    I think that medication is sometimes necessary and that therapy is generally a good idea because it comes from people who are a) knowledgeable in the area, and b) not related to you at all and thus capable of delivering objectivity. However, they are really just aids (albeit good ones) rather than a complete treatment in themselves.

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