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This site is closed until further notice. Possibly never to return, but if you were a fan, do get in touch with Guy if you want to help revive it one day.

    An Important Introduction to the Forum!

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    An Important Introduction to the Forum! Empty An Important Introduction to the Forum!

    Post by Guy Westcott on Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:15 pm

    Welcome to XN!
    This is the second version of the site, as we have recently moved to a new host. Most things on the site should be the same, but if you have any queries, feel free to ask about them in the Feedback thread.

    Please read the rules before posting in the forums. The rules can be found here.

    When you first register for the Xtreme Net Kommunity Forums, even if you were previously a member of Xtreme Kombat Forums, AKA XNmk1, pleasse take a moment to introduce yourself in the Rookie Station.

    A Brief History of XN:

    The original forum, called XKF (or, Xtreme Kombat Forums) was created by Blizzaga, as a forum devoted to the forum game, Xtreme Kombat, created by him. He was assisted by myself in the creation of the site, and later his forum and one of my own, the Guy Westcott Enterprises Forum, were merged to create Xtreme Net, with myself and Blizzaga as Webmasters. The site then developed to an alliance (the Xtreme Alliance, or XA) between the Webmasters and Administrators. Due to technical difficulties, the merger was not as successful as we would have liked, which is why I have now relocated the forum to a brand new host.

    Though a webmaster account here has been reserved for Blizzaga, and though many of his important posts have been copied to this site, he is currently away, serving his church. He is expected to return towards the end of 2010.

    The third webmaster of Xtreme Net is Ruth. She is the Xtreme Alliance Poltergeist, and not to be trusted, but like all malevolent spirits, she is difficult to get rid of. Just, try not to get into too many fights with her.

    All that said, welcome to the Xtreme Net Kommunity Forums! I hope you enjoy posting!

    ~Guy Westcott

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