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    The Apprenticeship Thread

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    The Apprenticeship Thread Empty The Apprenticeship Thread

    Post by Guy Westcott on Tue Jan 27, 2009 5:07 pm

    MrRandom wrote:This is where you can come to ask for an apprenticeship. Post here, with a bit of basic info if you like, asking to be taken on as an apprentice. Details follow :

    If you want to take on an apprentice :

    You must be relatively confident with the forum yourself. Be aware that your apprentice should know less than you about the forum, so be ready to answer questions that may seem "n00bish" to you.

    You must not mind being allied with your apprentice during Kombats. If you would rather just pummel the crap out of everybody, this might not be the best place for you.

    Apprentice limit is one per person per month of board membership, to a maximum of three and a minimum of one. So if you've been here less than two months, you can have one apprentice only. 2-3 months and you can have two, and after that you get to pick three.

    However, try to spread apprentices evenly amongst those looking for them. If I see one person with 3 apprentices and several other people looking for them who have none, I will transfer a couple of them.

    Regarding apprentice armies : Please do not try to get three apprentices with a view to storming into Kombats and slapping everyone around with your apprentices for the next 10 posts. While I can't make specific rules regarding this hopefully nonexistent practice, if I see any of it, I'll not be happy. Leave room for everyone else to post in the Kombat as well. And be aware that people might team up on you and your apprentice(s) to even the odds.

    One good point raised by Blizzaga : You are not obliged to protect your apprentice in Kombat. You are certainly entitled to, but you are under no obligation to. Also note that apprentices are not a Kombat-only thing; you also need to be helping them with the rest of the forum.

    Finally, use your common sense! Apprentices are people too, and should be treated as such. If you are an apprentice and you're being abused, call 555-3-666 for help. Or PM me and get me to slap your master around a bit. That's more fun Twisted Evil

    If you are looking for someone to be apprenticed to, post here and wait. If no-one makes you an offer within a week, PM me and I will try to get something sorted out. If I can't within another week or I've determined that I won't be able to, I'll take you on myself. Note that this is why I'm not taking any apprentices to begin with : I'm here as a safeguard so no-one ends up wanting to be an apprentice but unable to find anyone.

    Remember, be patient! You might have to wait a few days. In the meantime, if you need anything answered, PM me and I'll do my best.

    So, how to go about it? Well, first a willing apprentice will post in this thread here and ask for someone to take them on. Then, someone willing to do so will PM them and ask them whether they want to be their apprentice. If the newbie accepts, the "master" (I don't like using the term, but it is the technical term for someone who has taken on an apprentice, I think...note the inverted commas I mostly use.) will PM me telling me about it and post in this thread that they have taken on that particular apprentice. I will then edit this first post to include that apprentice pair.

    If an apprentice leaves their apprenticeship for some reason, one of the two needs to PM me so I can remove that entry from the list. That way, I can keep the list up to date. If you left your apprenticeship because you weren't happy with it or some such, you may seek a second one, or even a third, but that's the limit.

    Now for an official list of apprenticeships, past and present (apprentice first) :

    None at the moment.

    Erm...yeah, that's kind of it. Use the system people! Razz (For those of you interested, Radkin PMed me personally. While I usually discourage doing this, if you know someone on the forum and want to be their apprentice particularly feel free to do so. IF you already know them.)

    This is quoted from MrRandom's excellent post on the original incarnation of the forum. Please note, any apprenticeships from the old site are now void. If you would like to resume your apprenticeship, please post here. If anyone has any problems, feel free to PM me,

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