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    What is Xtreme Kombat?


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    Post by Blizzaga on Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:47 pm

    What is Xtreme Kombat?

    Xtreme Kombat is a popular and addictive forum game that I invented in the summer of '07. I was at the peak of my forum-game making career and was a member of Clan Nayru at Zelda Universe at the time. I wanted to make a game that had never been seen on a forum before, and thus, Xtreme Kombat was born. Xtreme Kombat is a very light role playing-style free-for-all fighting game. Items, weapons, vehicles, summons. . .the only limit to how you can play is your imagination (and the rules)!

    Xtreme Kombat started out as Nayru Kombat, which was exclusive to Clan Nayru. It became increasingly popular, so I wanted to give it a shot with all clans involved. My game, now known as ZU Kombat, was a huge success in the Clan Arena. With each new ZU Kombat, I tweaked and refined things, until, with the latest (ZU Kombat IV), I realized that the concept was too huge to contain in a single thread. Other problems arose as well:

    - The game could only go for so long before being locked.

    - After being locked, I'd have to wait an entire month before starting a new ZU Kombat.

    - I didn't have direct control over how my ever-expanding game was being run, which can be a pain when having to deal with mods.

    - I was at the mercy of the moderators. If they decided that I couldn't continue my game, then I couldn't.

    - By the time of ZU Kombat IV, too many elements had been introduced to be maintained properly in a single thread.

    It became clear to me that it was time to keep moving forward. I had the motive, inspiration, and excuse to take my concept to the next level. And thus, my game received its official name, Xtreme Kombat, and Xtreme Kombat Forums was born. No longer is Xtreme Kombat constrained to a single thread. No longer will there be month delays between games. Now the doses are unlimited, and the sky's the limit! Now. . .we have an entire community!

    So, are you ready to take extreme to the Xtreme? If so, I proudly present to you: Xtreme Kombat!

    I would also like to thank all of those who have helped me in my reaching for the stars. This community, none of this would have been possible without your help! ^_^

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