Xtreme Net!

This site is closed until further notice. Possibly never to return, but if you were a fan, do get in touch with Guy if you want to help revive it one day.

Ruth, the Ruthless

Our resident poltergeist, nobody knows when or where the evil force known only as "Ruth" will strike. Ruth is not, I repeat, NOT an ally in the Xtreme Order.


~Guy Westcott



Times have changed. Once, I was the occasional meddler described above, but no more! Now that I have settled in I am prepared to haunt the Xtreme Allies wherever they go, as long as they live, and from then on make their afterlives as miserable as their pathetic little lives!


So who am I? Bow down, people, and listen to my tale of misery, sadness, and above all, woe. I lived in the 18th century, in Britain, Great Britain as it then was. Ruth was my name. I died, young, beautiful far too soon, and suddenly.


But this was not the end.


I returned to this world, this horrible, unpleasant world. It is not a very nice place these days, filled, as it is, with unscrupulous characters like Guy, Blizzaga, Tott, Random, Prospero, and all their delusional followers.


Soon, people, I shall be in my rightful place, as supreme ruler of Xtreme Net; the Xtreme Alliance shall fall, the allies’ clans will be obliterated, and my path to world domination will be as clear and empty as Alexander Guy Westcott’s skull.


You had better keep me sweet! I will not put up with this world, as it is; it must undergo great change under my eternal reign! All those who oppose me will be trodden into the ground beneath my size nine, spectral boots! If you want to keep your place in the world, I suggest you join my clan, the Spirits from the Other Side! Together, we shall strike terror into the hearts of fools like Blizzaga who think that my power and influence can be contained, or restricted!


Join me, and live a life, and afterlife, relatively unafflicted by the fury I shall unleash on the rest of the world. Oppose me, and suffer the wrath of the Xtreme Poltergeist, and future Empress of Ruthtopia, Ruth, the Ruthless!