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Xtreme Studios

Xtreme Studios is the area where xtreme media productions will be run. Staff of Xtreme Studios get to be involved in xtreme media projects, and they get a cool Xtreme Studios banner, but there will be hard work involved, so only apply if you are prepared to do your job properly.

Current Projects

Currently, Xtreme Studios is working on the production of Xtreme Kast, an Xtreme Alliance podcast. An announcement will be made, and a link posted here, when the first edition of the podcast is released.


If you wish to apply for a position within Xtreme Studios, check the
Jobs Page to see which positions we are currently looking to fill, and if you believe you are suited to any one of them, fill out an application and show us why you should get the position.

If you have any questions about Xtreme Studios, post them in the
Feedback thread.


The Studio: Staff Only

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