Xtreme Net!

This site is closed until further notice. Possibly never to return, but if you were a fan, do get in touch with Guy if you want to help revive it one day.

What is the Xtreme Alliance?

The Xtreme Alliance is a group of four noble men and one noble woman, who, though they do not always agree on everyday matters, are united in their devotion to the cause of restraining, and containing the havoc caused by, the malevolent force known only as Ruth.


Who are the Xtreme Allies?

The Xtreme Alliance consists of five members; Guy Westcott, Blizzaga, Mr Random, Tott and Prospero1501. Each of the five Allies, in addition to the poltergeist, Ruth, are leaders of their own clan. Though clan alliances and rivalries may be forged and broken, all five ally clans are dedicated to protecting each other from, and defending the world against, the sixth clan, run by the dreaded Ruth.


What is Xtreme Net?

Xtreme Net is the location of the Xtreme Alliance and all their associated media; this website.

How do I join Xtreme Net?

Joining Xtreme Net is simple; just click here, and follow the simple instructions to set up your account today!


Can I join the Alliance?

At the moment, the Alliance is complete, and not looking for any further members. However, if any of the Allies should resign, it is possible we will be looking for a replacement; this replacement will most likely be promoted from the current Xtreme Net staff.