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This site is closed until further notice. Possibly never to return, but if you were a fan, do get in touch with Guy if you want to help revive it one day.

Guy Westcott



Lord Alexander Guy Westcott was born in the cold Winter of 1990, in an unpleasant little city called Liverpool. He has lived most of his life in the smelly, industrial town of Widnes, so polluted that his life expectancy has dropped significantly in the time he has been living there. Despite his humble beginnings however, Guy Westcott went on to become the managing director of the renowned Guy Westcott Enterprises, a webmaster of the hugely popular Xtreme Net (an amalgam of his own Guy Westcott Enterprise Forums, and his business partner, Blizzaga’s, Xtreme Kombat!), a master in the arts of seduction and manipulation, and one of the most popular writers of the age .

He is now at college, studying psychology and philosophy, while he works for the Xtreme Alliance as a mailbag advice columnist, for Xtreme Net as a much loved administrator, for Guy Westcott Enterprises as managing director, for Redwest Entertainment as head lyricist, and for his adoring public as an ongoing object of worship. In addition to these duties, Guy Westcott must spend a great deal of time fending off attacks from GWE's ultimate enemy, the Evil Overlord of Randomness. He has also earned worldwide fame for his poetry, which has been known to put even the most hard-faced of headmasters into fits of barely suppressed mirth.

Guy Westcott’s original biographical note was a mere two paragraphs, but has since been updated. Ld. Westcott was disheartened to see that Blizzaga's bio was so much bigger than his own, and, hating when people's things are bigger than his (although that happens so rarely it usually causes him no problem) Guy Westcott set out on a quest to make his own piece bigger, stronger, and, most importantly of all, more powerful, than ever before.

Following in Blizzaga’s footsteps, Ld. Westcott decided it would be appropriate to spout his own left-wing political views. Despite being a libertarian-idealist, Guy Westcott faithfully believes that the only appropriate and above all realistic system of government to ensure a better world for his children to grow up in would be a benevolent (and global) dictatorship. As he is so committed to the age-old ambition of a better world, Ld. Westcott pledged to pool of all his considerable might, power and resources into fulfilling this dream. However, as Lord Acton once said, “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This left Westcott with a serious dilemma; he could not risk handing absolute power to one who would allow himself to become corrupted by it. Upon careful consideration of the problem, Ld. Westcott resolved that he must hand over power to the one man in whom he places his implicit trust; himself. As a result of all this, Guy Westcott Enterprises actively seeks to achieve world domination during the reign of Lord Alexander Guy Westcott, to ensure that the evils of this world may be laid to rest, and a golden age be allowed to begin.

Though his intentions were always honourable, and his plans never less than ingenious, Alexander Guy Westcott is not without enemies, and his envisioned utopia is not free from threat. His arch-nemesis, the Evil Overlord of Randomness, who also seeks to control the world (although for less admirable reasons than Guy’s) provides a constant danger, thus much of Ld. Westcott’s time and effort must be put into protecting the world from such menaces as the Evil Overlord Society, and any other rebel factions who seek to oppose the altruism of GWE.

Unlike Blizzaga, Guy Westcott prefers harsh justice to forgiveness, as in the modern world he finds forgiveness is something rarely earned, too-often given, and generally thrown back in one’s face.

It has been suggested (although never proven) that Guy Westcott may be a megalomaniac, and may suffer from a multiple personality disorder, or DID. Official sources close to Ld. Westcott refuse to either confirm or deny these rumours, merely stating that, whatever else they may be, Guy Westcott are philanthropists, with the best interests of the entire world at their heart.