Xtreme Net!

This site is closed until further notice. Possibly never to return, but if you were a fan, do get in touch with Guy if you want to help revive it one day.





The webmaster of Blizzaga Works, co-webmaster of Xtreme Net (XN), and creator of the popular forum game known as Xtreme Kombat, Blizzaga is an Internet familiar who is known for his writing, graphic art, and sprite comics...especially Zeldish.

A lover of education, and especially the arts, Blizzaga loves to read, write, learn about history and culture, and enjoys eating with chopsticks. Photography, videography, politics, and especially music are other passions of his.

He also loves video games. A huge Nintendo, Mario, Sonic, Super Smash Bros., and Final Fantasy fan, Blizzaga considers himself a true gamer; he enjoys hardcore games as well as casual, and finds any and all arguments pitting them against each other very petty. A game is a game for crying out loud! 

Blizzaga is a very forgiving person, but sometimes his anti-elitist side will cause a conflict since he very much dislikes taking crap from people lying down. Power-abusing forum moderators are his natural enemy, and he has drafted the Universal Members' Rights as a result of the injustice dealt to him and others.

As far as politics are concerned, Blizzaga is an Independent Centrist that leans more towards Conservatism and agrees wholeheartedly with Michael Savage that "Liberalism is a mental disorder."

Blizzaga is a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day  Saints, has an unshakable testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and is currently preparing to serve an honorable full-time mission. He also believes that science and religion can walk hand-in-hand, as science is a gift from God to help us understand the world we live in and help unlock the many mysteries of the universe. 

He also loves friendly competition, which he must have inherited from his days of being a lineman in high school football. Blizzaga is also a huge fan of Star Wars and all things family-friendly and virtuous. His two life mottoes are "Keep moving forward!" and "Dare to be different. Be a leader, not a lemming!" He's also a huge fan of fantasy and sci-fi. His favorite television shows of all time is Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, Atlantis being is most favorite out of the two. He also seems to have a strong obsession of Atlantis itself, and is interested in the mythology surrounding Atlantis.

And, as you can see, sometimes he can't stop writing.